Trump Through the Looking Glass

Jeffrey Cohen
2 min readMar 28, 2020


I’m not happy having to shelter at home due to the refusal of the President to take action at a federal level. I’m not happy with not him insinuating that the U.S. intelligence community should be “sharing” their briefings with Russia. I’m not happy that a fleet of Republicans who called him the second coming of Satan (think Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell) now kowtow and lick his boots.

My feelings for Donald Trump have festered for more than three decades, but he didn’t have real power until January 2017. He has made the world more racist, more violent, less safe, and closer to extinction due to elimination of environmental protections and expiration of international agreements.

Why Trump has any support just baffles me. He’s the:
• Great student who threatened to sue schools if they released his grades
• Self-made businessman who needed $400M from his father
• Best-selling author because he bought tens of thousands of copies and left them in all his hotel rooms
• Sports maven who bought a football team and wound up putting the league out of business
• Casino magnate whose three hotels in AC tanked
• Comedian who bragged on 9/12 that he now owned “the tallest building in NYC”
• Philanthropist whose foundation used other people’s money until NY State shut it down, demanded $2M in restitution, and forced his entire family to write letters of apology
• Real estate guru who got blackballed by US banks, leading to Russia lending him hundreds of millions and exerting untold influence over his decision-making
• Science believer who nonetheless disbanded the NSC’s esteemed infectious disease team
• Workaholic who spent 1/3 of his Presidency golfing (at taxpayer cost of $133M)
• Unifying leader who won’t invite Democrats to signing of legislation passed unanimously by both parties
• Family man who cheated on all three of his wives
• Dedicated parent whose oldest son didn’t speak to him for a full year when his first wife (son’s mother) said he raped her during the marriage

•Proud father who said he would sleep with his daughter Ivanka if they weren’t related
• Promised “I’m the only one who can fix our problems” when he accepted the GOP nomination, then switched to “I take no responsibility” when a pandemic swept across the country

I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch more, but the fury only builds as I remember each bullet point.

Wash your hands, hug the loved ones you are sheltering with, and vote for whichever Democrat wins the nomination. Stay safe. Peace.



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